Welcome to my Tutoring site!

Howdy! Feel free to browse around looking for terrific information about tutoring and the Alberta curriculum.

I have been tutoring in Calgary since 2007, and while I have focused mostly on High School Math and Sciences, I do have the occasional student outside this realm. I have taught students from Junior High to university, including technical colleges. My strength is finding the student's weakness or need. Sometimes it's a concept, sometimes it's a study habbit, sometimes it's anxiety, sometimes it's confidence.

While I do prefer in-person tutoring, video tutoring is available (I have a camera pointed at my face so the student can make eye-contact, and I have a separate camera pointed at papers in front of me so the student can see what I am writing). Video classes mean I am available to students outside of Calgary. I have used video classes for students in Edmonton, Medicine Hat, the US, Ontario, even as far as North Africa. It is the same fee, so do not be shy to ask!